Feed Your Soul, Not Your Ego!

rajesh ramola blog

90 percent of the people are running behind the fame, money, looks and all materialistic happiness. Everyone wants all above things, To become wealthy is good but while focusing on this they forget what their soul wants. Mostly people don’t listen to their soul’s voice.

People are not giving priorities to their passion, hobbies, childhood memories and many such small things and moments that will feed their soul.

Living a life of purpose for which you are born has a different kind of spark in it. That vibe is a source of life and meaning of life. People who live their purpose in life are always happier than people without purpose.

In the human life cycle there is a spiritual awakening concept. A spiritual awakening is allowing yourself to be open and inviting the living Spirit of God and the love of God to enter your heart. It is the Moment when God awakens your soul to a new awareness, a new perception of the world around you.

People are not loving, they are ego loving in which they want themselves loved, feel superior all the time, fulfilled self-expectations. People want to focus on temporary happiness and desires. Because of this they end up being selfish and unkind.

In today’s time, people are just focused on getting their needs, to achieve their wants. They are blindfolded unaware of the truth that this desire cycle will never end. After one fulfillment there will be another desire again there will be a sense of lack and again they will run to achieve another desire.

The actual thing every person wants is peace, happiness, and satisfaction. People are trying to find satisfaction in the outer environment by fulfilling never-ending self-desires. The fact of life is all this is found within.

3 years back In Life Coaching Session, I met a person. He was very disturbed with his relationships, business and overall things in life. He told me, “ Nothing is going right and no one understands him and he had many complaints about his life. In relationships he was expecting the same he did for the other person because of it he felt a lack of love, lack of time from the opposite person. On my advice, he spoke to the person and made him understand his problems and matter was solved. 3 month ago I met the same person in my training program. On asking him about how he is doing, he told I am disturbed with the same problem again. I made him understand that this is a cycle you can’t keep on expecting the same you did for others.

The point of sharing the experience is, There was a lack in the person itself. To feed self-ego he was blaming the other people and outer environment there is no guarantee of getting everything you want. The only way to feel satisfied is to be grateful for whatever you have. Expecting less from others and giving more.

To be happy is a choice, not a gift that you will get.

I told the same to that person.

Stop ending up being confused, unhappy and dissatisfied.

Be kind, faithful, honest, and lovable that will ultimately lead you to a happy and peaceful life. Learn to give more and expect less.

So the conclusion is that when you feed your ego, you are anxious, stressed, unhappy and you will feel incomplete and on the contrary when you feed your soul, you feel relaxed, happy and complete.