Life is better to be happy, You are born to be happy.

Happiness should be your Ambition and not only making money.

I have seen people into the ’60s, the ’70s and 80’s they have loads and loads of money but they are not happy , Whenever I have asked such person what advice they would like to give young guys, the simple advice they say is don’t run after money, chase happiness, do things which give you happiness, enrol in activities that bring peace of mind.

People should enrol themselves in their area of interest. Activities that give them happiness and make them stay motivated. Anywhere they are ready to take charge of that particular activity at any time.

Whenever we go to purchase something,

How we would choose that particular item?

Generally, the first Priority is on the basis of the liking.

Firstly you will always choose the product you like and then you will think about other factors.

Same is with our life whenever we choose any field for an upcoming career, We should prioritise to our passion because we like that activity. A person can be up at any time, anywhere for that particular activity because that is his area of interest, That particular activity gives him the feeling of goosebumps, happiness, and motivation.

I’ll explain you with an example.

Let us consider you like to sing since childhood and you thought to become a singer while growing up!

At the time of career options, you ended up choosing, ”How to do Business” to get into your family business. To earn more and raise the financial standard.

Months passed getting into and doing business, though you were earning but was not happy.

And then you imagined if I got an opportunity to sing late night at Club with lesser pay then……

I’ll tell you the answer!

You’ll still be up to take a chance, doesn’t matter if you are exhausted, Just thinking about it will charge you up without any motivation.

Because Fact is that it is your happiness.

You will be ready to sell your skill at night. You will enjoy doing it and your soul will always crave for more of it. Time barrier will not stop you from doing it.

You will not look forward to fix the working hours in a day. These consistent efforts and dedication will ultimately result in making more money.

That is the place where you belong, You were born and meant to do that.

That’s ultimate which is going to make your life fun filled eternally.

The biggest mistake youngster or guys in the middle age do is that they ignore all the things that are the source of happiness and chase things which may make him rich and in the process, he spoils his happiness, he spoils his health, spoils his family life by not giving enough time to relationships. So my dear happiness should be your aim and not just money, and if you’re happy within, money will be followed.

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