Ideas Are Shit!!!

I know you people will be shocked, being a coach why am I saying such!

Have you ever noticed,

how many ideas strikes your brain daily?

How many times have you felt, you should use and implement this idea but you never did, question this to yourself.

Mostly all of you have dropped the idea of implementing it, don’t you?

So I want to tell you, Ideas are shit! Yes, unused ideas are shit.

It may sound unpleasant but the fact is you are converting your ideas into shit regularly by not using it.

People are not putting their ideas into actions.

People are underestimating the power of thought. Whatever is built today, was just an idea at first, thereafter it was converted into reality. If you really want to convert your idea into something constructive and something big then put your ideas into action. Find out ways, means, and the process by which you can take action and convert your ideas into reality.

According to the expert, a person gets more than 100 ideas every day. The problem is the ideas you get is not recorded or noted down on a piece of paper as a result person keep on forgetting the ideas.

The invention of the Aeroplane by the Wright Brothers and the invention of Iphone by Steve Jobs were all created from ideas. The founders noted idea, converted an idea into a plan and acted on it. They created a revolution.

People are busy in reading history and they never think of creating history.

Long back when I realize the power of an idea and how it can really change the life of a person. I started writing every idea that I get irrespective of the time and place.Most of the ideas I have got is during midnight and I make sure to write it down in the book kept next to my bed. I always take an initiative of implementing my ideas and this is a big part of the contribution to my success today.

Once while having a conversation with a wise person, he told me that you can make money by investing in properties. I realized that this was a great idea and I noted this in the book that I need to make passive income by investing in property.

After implementing that idea in today’s date I have many properties with net worth in Crores.

If you want to convert your ideas into empire then you have to put your ideas on paper. Carry a small pocketbook whenever you get an idea note it down and see to it that if you can implement most of the ideas.

Start working on your ideas. Don’t let your ideas get converted into the trash, because Ideas are the thoughts that hold the power to create something big!