Morning Rituals to Become Successful.

Morning Rituals to Become Successful.

Morning Rituals is a powerful process. From thousands of years successful people believe it and follow morning rituals. The saint and spiritual knowledgeable people have always shared the impact and benefits of following morning rituals. Every Successful Entrepreneur in today’s time follows a certain morning ritual every day. The morning rituals have contributed a lot in Success of my life.

From the last 20 years I follow a particular routine every morning which I am going to share in these pieces of writing. The Reason behind sharing this is that I want to make a contribution in the life of people. The contribution will play the role of taking a step above in Life Accelerator.

“I personally want you to make a habit of everyday doing these morning rituals that will help you in the Betterment of your Life”.

Every Morning takes an hour for yourself.

Make a start with Deep Breathing, take a deep breath till the count of 4, hold it till a count of 4 and release it slowly on a count of 6. This will help you to recharge your energy and to focus on your goals and you will have a feeling of Rejuvenated Life. You have to do deep breathing for 5 minutes.

After that take a break of 30 seconds, Relax! and follow up the second task.

The second most important task is Visualization. For the perfect start of a day visualize your today’s plan for 10 minutes. Create a picture in your mind of positive outcomes of your task. Connect it with appreciation and gratitude. For example, if you have a meeting then make a picture of Successful meeting in your mind. Feel your surrounding is appreciating you. The positive energy that you will put in the task will give you a positive result of that task.

An Impactable Quote.

“Optimum Health requires the stable mind, healthy body and spirit to be in balance”

The third activity is for physical fitness. It is Brisk Exercise do it for 30 minutes regularly. It can be brisk jogging or brisk walk as convenient. This will refill your body energy and will charge you for the entire day.

The fourth ritual is to feed your mind with positive knowledge. It can be in the form of reading positive books or watching positive videos. Engage your 15 minutes into this it will help your mind to get clarity in your thoughts and it will improve decision making skill.


The Power of Hour has great benefits and impact. On a personal note, It has a great impact on my life. The morning ritual hour keeps me charged for the entire day and help to stay focused and active. Clients from my Personal Coaching and Business Coaching make sure to get it done regularly and all of them have experienced a big change in their lives.

The morning rituals will help you to increase productivity and live a happy life.

Do let me know in the comment box your opinion on this and type “I will do it” for the people who wants to bring a change in life.