Regret is a feeling that kills us inside, being alive.

Most of the people have regret for some or other reason, the opportunities they missed, chances they didn’t look forward to, The risk that they were afraid to take and later on it gets converted into regret. The feeling of unhappiness and doubt of possibilities of that task ruins and effects your subconscious mind. That suffering of not grabbing opportunities may long-lasting in many cases.

Opportunities always have a change in it, One opportunity or one chance can bring a change in your entire life. The value of that opportunity can only be done by grabbing it on time.

People lost many opportunities and looking backward they are just left with the statement, “If I had grabbed the opportunity that day, everything would have been different today”.

This regret will stay life long, As the days pass it keeps on striking in the moments and gives a feeling of taking the wrong decision.

At the beginning of my career for 7 years, I worked in sales and marketing.

I use to manage somehow but it was not my passion. Every day I was following the routine of 9 to 5 job and every day I had the same thought that I am not meant to do sales, 7 years I pushed myself to do sales and while returning home I had a feeling of regret. In the last years of my job, regret started converting into poison. I was not able to resist anymore and finally I had a thought of quitting the job and starting my business into Training.

I saved myself from the biggest regret of my life by doing something which I love.

One decision that changed my entire life.

I want to tell that you are just one decision away from a completely different life.

Lot of things which you like but not doing in present, will make you regret might be now but when you will be 65, 75 or 85 years you will definitely regret. It can be spending more time with family, it can be doing something you love, it can be finding your new hobby or it can be anything.

Most people at the fag end of their life complain and regret more, they look backward to their past life and replay the opportunities they lost.

I don’t want you guys to come into this pattern, Regret is unbearable. It will kill you within every day.

Today is your time.

Find out what you love, Do something which you enjoy.


If you want to be an Entrepreneur, you become an Entrepreneur.

If you are not happy with your dead-end job than leave that job, do something that makes you feel good which gives you that enthusiasm.

We all have one life, make it Large.

Because I am sure when you will be at the end of your career if you did not enjoy your life, you had not done the things that make you happy, You are going to Regret.

REGRET is the biggest poison that will make your survival difficult and might be too late to change things.

Today is the time, this is the only time, trust your instincts and live your life to the fullest.